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‘Tis The Season! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and fun in the new Google doodle...

If doodle Google hosted last the winter solstice today wanted us Merry Christmas but in a digital search engine uses a very peculiar.El analog cuts for Christmas greetings.

 To do this, the doodle has different figures (cats, candy, Christmas trees ...) are dotted and support.

"Happy Holidays from all of us at Google for you. On this day, artists created doodle Robinson Wood various holidays and inspired character models cutting objects," says Google.Wood is an American artist who specializes in illustrations and entertainment for children.

Your doodle can not only print and use as cut títpico but does not refer to any particular religion, but rather to address these pagan fechas.La first Christmas cards dating from the nineteenth century by Henry Cole, a designer British in 1843, the same year that Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol "asked the artist John Horsley Callcott illustration of the first Christmas card he sent to his friends and then sold at a shilling each.

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