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The Explanation


Answer: Samhainophobia

There’s disliking Halloween as a primary trip after which there’s samhainophobia for those who’re downrightlock the doorways, bar the house home windows, disguise beneath the mattressfrightened of Halloween.

The phobia’s determine finds its roots inside the historic Celtic pageant of Samhain (the precursor and celebratory grandfather of current Halloween). The pageant befell on October 31, was principally meant to mark the highest of the harvest cycle, and featured many superstitions referring to the lifeless (and the symbolism of the earth “dying” sooner than moving into into the slumber of winter). Festival goers would steadily placed on masks to ensure the spirits of the lifeless, which have been believed to be vigorous on the night time time of the celebration, would go away them alone.

While sometimes it’s onerous to know exactly how someone develops a given phobia (notably if it’s of 1 factor very innocuous like helium balloons or the like), it’s not so exhausting to understand how people would develop a phobia surrounding a night the place the lifeless are presupposed to return to walk amongst the dwelling and the dwelling themselves make it a recreation to imitate the lifeless.

Image courtesy of Christine Zenino.


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